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  1. Especially new parents are worried about their baby's diet plans. Due to lack of proper diet most of the times we have found that babies are suffering from various diseases and therefore parents are always taking the help of expert advice before choosing food and recipes for their babies. Here in this article we have found the complete list of baby's diet plans and what should be eat in the 8 months of age. I hope new mother should follow this diet plan for their 8 months baby.
    Baby Foods

  2. I have a Philips baby food steamer but I feel the food is uncooked as compared to pressure cooker

    • For every food u need to steam for a particular time for example carrot takes 15 minutes & potato takes at least 20 minutes of steaming.. I haven't faced any problem yet

  3. Half a cup for much is half cup?

    • Half cup is approximately 120 ml. Always feed baby on demand. Quantities given here are just to give an rough idea

  4. Dinner at what time should be given for 8 months baby

    • Timing is purely depends on your baby's schedule. Two to three hours before sleep is ideal for dinner

  5. My baby is not like any sweet... Wt can do.. Also not drink other milk

    • No problem if baby don't take milk other than breastmilk/formula. Don't need to worry about sweet as well. Just give whatever baby prefers.

  6. Thank u for this info. It gives a clear picture. Very useful article.

    • thank you for your feedback:)

  7. My child s October 11 2017 born. Which diet plan should i follow... she s 7 months running so can i follow 7 months diet plan

    • Solid food can be included in baby's diet at 6 months , i.e after 180 days completed, Hence as of now you should follow 6 months food chart.. From May 11 2018, 7 months food chart as your baby completes 7 months

  8. My baby girl is about to complete her 8th month.her weight is 5.7 kgs. Her birth weight is 2.4kgs. she hardly takes 4 or 5 spoons(silicon) what should I do?

    • Dont worry much about weight if baby is active. For 8 months baby, breast milk/formula should be a major thing. solid food is just complementary. so make sure she is getting enough milk. also try variety of foods as babies get easily bored if same food offered everyday.

  9. Your article was really very helpful. Can you please suggest how to increase baby immunity and weight esp in a premature baby girl with very low birth weight. My baby girl is 8 months old i.e her corrected age. She takes only 120 ml milk wveey four hours. Doesnt eat anything and shuts her mouth tight when she see bowl and spoon in my hand. Im extremely worried. Can you plz help.

    • Babies of this age eat only less amount. MAke sure to feed enough breastmilk/formula until one year. Also, Don't worry about weight if the baby is active and meeting milestones. However, for weight gain include healthy foods like banana, potato, milk products, chicken, eggs, sweet potato, ghee, dry fruits nuts, urad dal, sesame seeds, avocado, raw banana powder, cheese which helps in healthy weight gain (in any form your baby prefers).

      For improving immunity, you can include a small amount of Turmeric, Tulsi, ghee, ginger, peppercorns, cinnamon, red bananas, pomegranate, barley, fenugreek, almonds, walnuts, eggs oranges, and Vitamin C rich foods in your baby's weekly/monthly diet.

  10. My baby HS complete 8months...she has gas problem n she use to drink in bottle so bar bar infection horaha my doctor told stop milk fr smtym .n even bottle...BT she wants milk wat should I do...n I ws gvg her amul milk nw witch milk should I give her...

    • Only formula milk or breastmilk is good for the baby until 12 months. Try to change the formula milk brand(after consulting with the doctor) and see.

  11. My baby having a constipation. Could you please recommend some home remedies and the food that he can eat.

  12. Can i add very little cow's milk to their porridge??if baby has no teeth yet how can we introduce finger foods??is there any chance for choking??

    • No cows milk is recommended until one year. Babies can chew with their gums. Give soft finger foods and always watch for choking

  13. my baby hates milk and is losing weight, how many oz do you think the baby should drink after having the following meal?

    • how old is your baby?

  14. Hi my baby is 8 mnths nd not sitting. I follow all your diet chart nd it helps me a lot. Pls suggest food for weight gain of baby as she is low weight. Till what age parboiled rice to be guven

    • Don't worry about weight if baby is active and doing well, However, For weight gain include foods like banana, potato, sweet potato, ghee, dry fruits nuts, urad dal, chicken, eggs, sesame seeds, avocado, raw banana powder, cheese which helps in healthy weight gain (in any form your child prefers ) check some weight gain recipes here

      you can give any rice variety to the baby which is a staple for your family and use it every day

  15. Hey. How to give cheese, paneer. Is butter a choking hazard?....can I give paneer homemade...but my baby has not got can she chew it???....and home made paneer is made using nimbu is it good for baby?

  16. Hey...cheese is processed and has salt also right...then which brand will be good?.....

      • Hey...u said about pasteurised milk right....Ghar pe jo cow milk that ok after boiling it?

        • yes boiled cows milk can be given to babies after one year

          • For preparing baby is 8 months old...can I use Ghar ka cow milk?

          • yes

  17. Hey when to start dry fruits?

    • You can start nuts to the baby from 8 months. First, introduce each nut separately to your baby in powdered form or paste form (one at a time) in paste or powder form by adding to baby food to see if it suits her.
      The nuts powder can be given to babies after introducing each nut, and dry fruits separate. Once you introduced each nuts separate and ruled out allergies, try the nuts powder. 
      Start with 1/2 tsp of nuts powder and check whether the baby shows an allergic reaction, check it for three days, and if the baby is not allergic to it, you can increase the amount gradually. Check the nuts powder recipe here:

  18. of this lovely site... Really a great work
    Just want you to put the recipe of other home made cheese to be fed to babies..
    Thank you in advance ?
    Have a great day

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