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  1. Instead of giving jaggery shall I use panavellam to my 9 month old baby

    • Yes but occasionally., any sweetner if you avoid till one year will be good

  2. what is panavellam or palm sugar?

  3. what is panavellam or palm sugar?

    • Palm sugar or panavellam is driven from palm tree.. Best alternative to white sugar as its rich in nutrients

  4. my baby is 6 1/2 months old. I gave him sooji kheer in water without any sweetner, which he didnt like at all. Please suggest how can i make it tastier for him. I have even grinded it to make a fine texture.

  5. Can we roast suji n keep it in an air tight container? Not a very large quantity but for a just a month.
    Also can I do same with oats, roast them in advance and keep it. Should I refrigerate these food items after roasting??

    • Yes you can roast oats or sooji and keep them in an airtight container. If the temperature is too hot, you should refrigerate it.

  6. My baby is 14months old.. she is a fussy eater.. she doesn't like any of the solid food.. but doc says start solid.. except ragi porridge she takes please help me how can I make her to eat..

    • Give finger foods to baby and eat as a family. They may get interest in food.. Cooked carrots, peas, cut apples, papaya, banana, boiled potatoes salad, crumbled paneer, chopped boiled egg, tiny cut roti/pancakes/dosa are great finger foods. Also don't force the baby to eat. Instead try small meals in frequent intervals. Don't give more cow's milk that may fill up the tummy and hence there will be no room for solids. 200 ml is enough at this stage

  7. How to add raisins to soji porridge??i already introduced dates but want to know on raisins use.

    • add as a raisins paste or syrup

  8. 5 stars
    What will happen if we add salt or any kind of sweetner except sugar that we add to our baby's diet under one year

  9. perfect guide,, thank you. can you plase mail me the food guide 6 to 11 month. i'm going to start solid food for my baby

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