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  1. Hi. i want to know what cheese and cream you used. Preferably how did u source it.

    • it is fresh cream and cheddar cheese.

  2. I tried your broccoli and potato soup and my daughter loved it! So did my husband and I ?. I’d love to try this mushroom soup but what’s the best method to make it a smooth soup? Blend it after Step 3?

    • Yes, you can blend the mushroom soup after step 3. And thanks for your positive feedback on broccoli and potato soup:)

  3. There is error in the ingredients mentioned it says about oats

    • Hi, there was an error, corrected it now. please check now. thanks for pointing it out

  4. Hi can I know what type of mushrooms do u use? I have tried using Swiss and button mushrooms and it taste good but when i used portobello, was not that flavourful.

    • I used button mushrooms

  5. Hi I want to try this for my 10 month old baby, what milk can I use? Thank you!

    • you can try with formula milk. but don't cook formula milk

  6. Can you freeze this mushroom soup please?

    • no, it won't hold up well