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  1. Is it ok for adult to drink this daily as a substitute of plain water? Will it do any harm to the body? Tq.

    • It gives instant energy when you drink.. U can have it every day but not replacing water as water has to be a part of everyday diet

  2. How much mililitre per day is okay for 7 mths baby?

    • Maybe some 50 ml. Make sure to give breastmilk or formula milk as a major feed. Any soup or juice should be given occasionally or when baby is sick..

  3. 4 stars
    Hi my son is 4yrs he he nt eating any food seeing food only he is refusing how to deal with him he was nt so much hating food before i visited many doctors and gave many medicens but it is nt helpong him to eat im very upset plz help me
    This is happening since 4days he only drinks water

    • It might be a growth spurt. If he is active and normal, don't worry. Give some time for him to back to routine. In the meantime give some liquid based foods like soups, porridges, juices to keep him hydrated. If it's still a problem and if he's dehydrated, visit a doctor immediately.

  4. My daughter is 10 months old she have very cold. Is it ok to give her rice water and how much should I give her in a day, and what else can I give her to eat at this time.

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