Wheat Milk Porridge for Babies |Kodhumai Paal Koozh
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Wheat milk Porridge - nutrition rich porridge for babies by soaking whole wheat kernels and extracting milk.
Recipe type: Baby Food
Cuisine: Indian
  • Whole Wheat - ¼ cup
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Ghee - ½ Tsp
  1. Measure ¼ cup of wheat using a measuring cup and soak it in clean water overnight. Keep it covered while soaking. After soaking, drain the water completely. Transfer the drained wheat to a blender.
  2. Add ½ cup of water to it and blend for 2 minutes. Again add ½ cup of water and grind it till smooth.
  3. Transfer the ground wheat paste to a cheese cloth/muslin cloth/ nut milk bag/white cloth/strainer over a wide bowl. Squeeze out as much milk as possible. If using a strainer, press it with a spoon to collect the milk.
  4. Discard the broken wheat particles after collecting the milk. Transfer the extracted wheat milk to a thick bottomed pan. Cook the milk until it becomes thick and reached a porridge consistency.
  5. Keep stirring while cooking. Otherwise, it sticks to the bottom. Cook it until the porridge coat the spoon and shiny. Once it is cooked, add ½ tsp of ghee and mix well.
  6. Once done, switch off the flame. Transfer to a serving bowl and feed your baby warm!
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 2
Recipe by GKFoodDiary - Homemade Indian Baby Food Recipes at https://gkfooddiary.com/whole-wheat-milk-porridge-babies-godhumai-paal-kanji/