Sweet Potato Puree for Babies | Mashed Sweet Potatoes
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Sweet Potato Puree - puree/mash recipe with sweet potato, ghee and cardamom powder
Recipe type: Baby Food
Cuisine: World
  • Sweet potato  - 1 medium sized
  • Butter/ Homemade Ghee - 1 tsp
  • Cardamom powder - ⅛ tsp (optional)
  1. Keep all the ingredients ready. Wash the sweet potatoes thoroughly in running water. Then cut them into 2-3 pieces depends on its size.
  2. Then pressure cook sweet potatoes with enough water for 2-3 whistles. Open the cooker once pressure released . Alternatively you can steam cook/bake the sweet potatoes too.
  3. Carefully take the cooked sweet potato pieces from the pressure cooker and place it to a wide bowl. Then Peel the skin with your hand when its warm to touch.
  4. Then Mash the cooked sweet potatoes well (without any chunks) with a fork and set aside. Alternatively you can puree the sweet potatoes in a mixie/blender to get fine puree. Add little water while grinding if necessary. Heat ghee in a pan and add mashed sweet potatoes along with cardamom powder (if using) to the same pan and fry them for two minutes in low medium flame.
  5. Switch off the flame once the sweet potato mash is mixed well with ghee. Cool it down and serve warm. Adjust the consistency by adding water/breastmilk/formula while feeding your baby.
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 2
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